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One hundred and thirty seven.

Enter the rabbit hole.

It is my fervid conviction that this number has many deep fundamental relationships to the human experience in the universe. I don't exaggerate when I say I believe it is one of the most significant numbers in reality. I will do my best to substantiate that claim with manifestations and expressions of the value itself in the natural world which I will list and explain later - first I will give context and a backstory about my relationship with this number 137.

In the year 2011, when I was 18 years young, I was not differentiated much from a typical young adult. Menial job, lack of focus or goals, stagnant, no meaningful experiences or beliefs to distinguish my life as unique.

The only anomalous phenomenon I would include, is that this year in particular was the most psychologically tumultuous and challenging I've had. I had found myself neck deep drowning in pessimism, nihilism, major depressive disorder, social anxiety. After long phases of deep suffering , my "loathing created wings" (Nietzsche) and I decided to turn my life around. What I decided to do was create an anthropomorphic ideal of my best possible self (and I named this image xeno, an alias I hold to this day.) As all of these ideas around "creating a new life" were floating around my mind and world -I began to see 137 everywhere, every day.

I would notice it on mailboxes passing by, license plates, always glance at the clock catching that specific time. It meant nothing to me then, and I was completely unaware of any significance it might have had. I didn't think twice about any deeper meaning. I have heard of people having "lucky" numbers, or always seeing 11:11 on a clock and that being symbolic of some sort of message or synchronicity in life. At this time in my life I wasn't involved in any intellectual pursuits, esoteric studies, growth or meditation practices, nothing. I was curious about the number however, so I would casually bring it up in conversation, only to find no answers or interpretation or meaning to anybody. I had quantitative substantiation of experiences with the number, but no meaning (yet).

Later in the year 2011, I started to document my experiences with 137. I would take pictures of instances when I would come in contact with the number. I would see a facebook post with 137 likes. Instagram profile with 13.7k followers. I would buy a airplane ticket and end up on flight 137. A logical presupposition is that my brain was looking for the number in any place with digits. We see examples of this when we pay attention to a specific car or we get new shoes - we start seeing those things "everywhere" in the world. Neuroscience has fortified this phenomenon with the elaboration on a part of the brain called the 'reticular activating system'. But - a cognitive bias was not the case. For example - I have collected dozens of photos of license plates containing 137. I'm not scanning every single car I see for the number. The car would always naturally end up right in front of me in traffic, or merge in front of me - with no conscious effort or seeking on my part. The manifestations were never contrived, they would always "show themselves" to me. I don't look at all the numbers in my daily life and seek 137. It always simply happens and comes into my view naturally. This is still a phenomenon that happens to me today. 137 forces itself into my consciousness. By the time you finish reading - you can try - but I'm convinced this can't be relegated to "coincidence" or "my brain looking for number".

One such example of undeniable proof I'll include here.

I was walking down the street when I ran into 111, 333, 777 from where I was standing. I wasn't "looking for" this, and the subsequent image / timestamp of when this happened, will prove that.

I saw 111, 333, 777 AT 1:37 PM.

Odds of this are once in a lifetime.

A couple years pass, while I still maintain collecting pictures of the number. Sometime in 2012 - I begin a deep introspective journey and engage in a personal development journey. I get involved in analyzing my beliefs, changing how I see the world, and I adopt an interest in a discursive body of knowledge. I include this moment as a catalyst in my life here, because my broad and deep studies led me tangentially towards information about 137.

In 2013, I was researching online when I came across some info that noted the significance of 137 in physics. I thought it was vaguely interesting, yet I knew very little of physics outside arbitrary youtube browsing. Unfortunately, there was quite a language and vernacular barrier between the academics in their respective field and my perspective as an outsider, but I kept reading. This was the first direct encounter with 137 and some significant meaning.

Here's some basic info & words about 137 from giants in the field of physics. This was the first "proof" I had that this was something serious.

  • Physicist Leon M. Lederman numbered his home near Fermilab 137 based on the significance of the number to those in his profession. Lederman expounded on the significance of the number in his book The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?, noting that not only was it the inverse of the fine-structure constant, but was also related to the probability that an electron will emit or absorb a photon—i.e., Feynman's conjecture. He added that it also "contains the crux of electromagnetism (the electron), relativity (the velocity of light), and quantum theory (Planck's constant). It would be less unsettling if the relationship between all these important concepts turned out to be one or three or maybe a multiple of pi. But 137?” The number 137, according to Lederman, "shows up naked all over the place,” meaning that scientists on any planet in the universe using whatever units they have for charge or speed, and whatever their version of Planck’s constant may be, will all come up with 137, because it is a pure number. Lederman recalled that Richard Feynman had even suggested that all physicists put a sign in their offices with the number 137 to remind them of just how much they do not know. (137 Wikipedia page)

Okay, so this number plays an important role in physics and what we perceive as reality. I was extremely interested and began to find more and more physicists and researchers speak on this number.

"'God is a pure mathematician!' declared British astronomer Sir James Jeans. The physical Universe does seem to be organised around elegant mathematical relationships. And one number above all others has exercised an enduring fascination for physicists: 137." - Paul Davies. British-born physicist.

"Alpha (137) sets the scale of nature -- the size of atoms and all things made of them, the intensity and colors of light, the strength of magnetism, and the metabolic rate of life itself. It controls everything that we see. ... In 137, apparently, science had found Nature's PIN Code.” -Frank Close, The Infinity Puzzle: Quantum Field Theory and the Hunt for an Orderly Universe

“Through Jung [Pauli] became very interested in various kinds of mysticism, including Jewish mysticism. This led Pauli to develop a friendship with Gershom Scholem, the world's greatest authority in that field and in the Cabala, .... On one occasion Scholem asked me to tell him about unsolved problems in modern physics. .... When I mentioned this number --137-- to Scholem, .... He told me that in Hebrew .... The number corresponding to the word 'cabala' happens to be 137.” ― Victor F. Weisskopf, The Joy of Insight: Passions of a Physicist

(The phycisist Wolfgang Pauli studied a discipline and line of esoteric thinking called Kaballah that descended from Judiasm in search for answers about 137. I ended up finding a page online with some interesting information about 137 and Kaballah, concluding that consciousness plays a huge role in how the world seems to be, and the symbolic relationship of light [love, an altruistic life, lending help to needy, diminishing selfishness and ego] and vessel, with that of the photon and the electron. It was an interesting read, and added to the list of expressions such as 137 in biblical texts, but no concrete conclusions came from it. I'll link that here // )

"The number 137 has intrigued numerous prominent theoretical physicists ... All told, we believe that it is much easier, and more motivating, to remember a number that has deep significance in numerous disciplines, ... with the following terse ode to 137: Bethe was mischievous with 137 Bohr was intrigued by 137 Born was mystified by 137 Fermi was frisky with 137 Feynman was mesmerized by 137 Heisenberg was fascinated by 137 Lederman was enchanted by 137 Pauli was consumed by 137 Turing was matched by 137 ― Leon O Chua, A Nonlinear Dynamics Perspective of Wolfram's New Kind of Science :(Volume VI): 85

"Regardless, its value makes the periodic table possible. It allows atoms to exist and also allows them to react with sufficient vigor to form compounds, since electrons neither roam too freely from their nuclei nor cling too closely. This just-right balance has led many scientists to conclude that the universe couldn’t have hit upon its fine structure constant (137) by accident.” ― Sam Kean, The Disappearing Spoon: And Other True Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the World from the Periodic Table of the Elements

"Werner Heisenberg once proclaimed that all the quandaries of quantum mechanics would shrivel up when 137 was finally explained.” ― Leon M. Lederman, The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?

I want to make a quick note here that I will reference to later ; the fine structure constant is 1/137, which is .0072992700729927... repeating. Almost all physicists engaged in the pursuit of research on it simply refer to it as its inverse, 137.

The fine structure constant (a)

Alpha (a) or 1/137- also plays a role in uniting several constants of mathematics and physics; where e = the base of the Natural Logarithms (Euler's number) // charge of an electron, H bar = quantization of angular momentum (Planck's constant) , & C = the speed of light.

There are dozens and dozens of accounts similar to these. So - my pursuit of the "white rabbit" (137) had led me into quantum physics. I have somewhat of an answer or at least a target to inquire into-in attempts to explain why I'm seeing this number. Thoughts began to play in my mind, entertaining concepts such as the universe or some unexplained phenomena influencing me to enter the realm of physics or cosmology to find answers to my deepest questions. (I don't particularly subscribe to the concept of a "random coincidence" and always tend to trust / follow my intuition.) Quantum physics is a body of knowledge that is fascinating to me, yet what was very discouraging was reading words of dozens of prominent experts in their field after decades and decades of work, longer than I've been alive, studying the same thing and they had no more answers than I. Nobody seems to understand 137.

In simple terms, the fine structure constant, this number 137, (in particular the equation 1/137) represents the probability of an electron absorbing a photon of light, as well as the ratio of the electromagnetic strength of the electron orbiting the nucleus - to the speed of light. The number also "contains the crux of electromagnetism (the electron), relativity (the velocity of light), and quantum theory (Planck's constant)." So it seems 137 has a innate relationship with the fundamental constants of nature. Also to my understanding, if the value of the fine structure constant was only 1% different, stars wouldn't have been able to create oxygen and carbon, and life as we know it wouldn't exist. It seems to be fine tuned for our existence.

A physicist by the name of Wolfgang Pauli was deeply obsessed with this number to the level of having dreams about it during his quest to find answers. I've conceptualized the idea before that perhaps a parcel of his being or an idea is somehow living through me in some way. Pauli had gone as far as to work with the great Carl Jung over years to analyze dreams and perhaps find answers. There is a book that encompasses their relationship and Pauli's obsession with 137 which I've read and found interesting. Jung believed Pauli unconsciously "comprehended some grand cosmic order."

Deeper research led me to some other places in physics, to Professor P.M. Kanarev's electron model and theory, where electrons of an atom are modeled as a torus, and the circumference of the magnetic center divided by the radius of the torus equals the fine structure constant (1/137)

---Professor P.M. Kanarev’s Electron Model and TheoryJack Kuykendall English Translation and Rewrite with his interpretation of Professor Kanarev’s Theories:


Another really deep connection, but as mentioned before - physics and these diagrams

are somewhat over my head. I found more as I researched. Dealing with the speed of light, the speed of the photon with no mass, is 137 times the maximum speed of a particle that has mass.

As early as 1940, it was noted that a simplistic interpretation of the relativistic Dirac equation runs into problems with electron orbitals at Z > 1/α ≈ 137, suggesting that neutral atoms cannot exist beyond element 137, and that a periodic table of elements based on electron orbitals therefore breaks down at this point. In other words, congruent with Niel Bohrs take on the periodic table, elements can't exist past the 137th position.

Another expression I found in physics, that oddly enough also encompasses the periodic table, the electron, the golden ratio and 137, is this diagram and article of Niel Bohr's hydrogen atom model.

Figure 1: The Bohr radius EP=aB of the hydrogen atom is divided into Golden sections EN=aBe and NP=aBp at the point of electrical neutrality N, as the auxiliar right angle triangle makes clear. The magnetic center is located at point M, at a distance aB/2φ3 from the electrical neutrality point towards the proton. The circumference of the outer circle is also divided into two golden arcs CAD and CBD by means of the Golden angle. Note that each arc length equals the perimeter of the inner circumferences. The shorter arc is closely related to the Fine Structure constant, whose value is very near the Golden Angle shown in red. In addition, the chord CD intersects the horizontal very near the magnetic center M. ( ) // (remember that a (alpha) is the fine structure constant, or 1/137, otherwise known as simply 137. )

Bohr model accurately and quantitatively predicts the energy levels of one electron atoms (hydrogen). Using this model, the velocity of the hydrogen electron can be calculated using the formula v = h/2πmr where:

h = Planck's constant = 6.62606957 e-34 m² kg / sec m = mass of electron = 9.10938215(45) e−31 kg r = radius of electron orbit = 5.29177 e-11 m

Plugging the numbers into the formula gives the velocity of the hydrogen electron:

(6.62606957*10^-34)/(2π*9.10938215*10^-31*5.29177*10^-11) = 2,187,692 m / sec.

Dividing this by the speed of light (299,792,458m/ sec) calculates the inverse fine structure constant, or 1/137.0359.


I want to add that the fine structure constant is whats called dimensionless, so in relation to the other constants, it will always have the same value everywhere. (137)

Friends have criticized and pointed out that this number works in a "base ten" system, but I've pointed out that the value - the proportion 1 : 137- of the fine structure constant still holds up regardless of the placeholders we would use to determine numerical values.

Here I was, 5 years later with an intense line of questioning that kept me up some nights. I couldn't put it together why I was seeing this number out of all other numbers, and why it was so significant to the natural universe and consciousness and life itself. I would have dismissed the number completely if it didn't have such meaningful manifestations in the world.

I endlessly had questioned, why me, why 137, why now, why so frequent, why so naturally expressed and put in front of me. I can understand if this was forced research and inquiry to experience serendipitous phenomena. Such actions would subordinate deeper meaning and life-altering obsessions. This was not the case of me knowing the significance of the number, and then seeking it through cognitive bias. For years I was i contact with it, with no subconscious interaction or exposure in any possible form to physics, fine structure constants, or any other manifestations of 137. I collected pictures (1547at the time of writing this [8/25/22] for years before I have ever heard of anybody recognizing anything vaguely familiar. I don't know your metaphysical or spiritual beliefs - but I have a proclivity to conclude something outside myself made sure that this number came into my life (I don't believe in coincidences).

Looking back now, I have entertained the idea of a "walk in"; In 2011 I had survived a couple attempts to take my life but one came close and I wasn't sure if I was successful or not for a couple minutes. A "walk in" is a theory that another "consciousness" or some sort of sentience can, as the title suggests, walk in my "vessel" and inhabit it during or after a near death experience. In truth, I always looked at myself as a "different person" since that year.

Frustrated and confused, I saved the above quotes & diagrams in a folder on a flash drive, printed some, and went along with my life and other research. The number would still follow me, frequently making appearances into my life. When i wasn't focused on the number is when things get really interesting.

As mentioned before, I unexpectedly ran into answers while researching in different bodies of knowledge. A quote that always stuck with me is "an idea is more credible when it emerges as a consequence of investigation in different realms.". This number far exceeds importance in the field of quantum physics alone.

Some time in 2014, a few years into deep research and meditation and self-analysis / introspection, I had an innate fascination with esoteric knowledge, natural workings and laws of the universe, biology, anthropology, consciousness, spirituality, sacred geometry, and the like. It all connects at some level. I was on a deep quest to understand life and my position and role in the universe. I speak specifically here of the fibonacci ratio, and the relationship to phi Φ (the numerical value of 1.618...). It is a number that continues forever and is at the root of all life and biology and consciousness itself. When you study the natural world, you will find it everywhere. I have drawn out on paper at least 100 ways to equate the phi ratio through sacred geometry, planets and their orbit proportions, the relationship between the sun and the moon, human biology and ratios. This is a long subject so I won't get into it here. All you have to understand is that phi and fibonacci are not anthropocentric, but rather naturally occurring and very significant numbers in our universe.

Further inquisition into phi led me to botany and plants, to a phenomena called phyllotaxis. It's simply defined as the arrangements of leaves on a central axis, or a stem. (Image below) Nature has derived a way to branch off flowers or fruit from a stem to catch the most amount of sunlight and rainfall. If it was 90 degrees, leaves would cover each other every four successions. It turns out that phyllotaxis is specifically the golden ratio, or the phi ratio (1.618) of a circle, and that's the mathematically optimal spot for the next leaf to grow above the prior. What shocked me was when i saw a diagram of this - and realized that the golden ratio point of a circle in degrees - is 137.5. A plant will place a leaf every 137 degrees around its stem. I wasn't surprised at the golden ratio, as I've come to expect order and have been studying fibonacci and phi for years, finding it in dozens and dozens of places. What shocked me was the 137 degrees in a circle. I had not seen that before.

... (of course i had to find this for myself in nature to substantiate claims)

that angle is 137 degrees.

Reigniting the tormenting obsession and line of fruitless questioning, I decided to print the number 137 in very large text on a paper and staple it to my wall, as a symbolic gesture attempting to pin this mysterious number down and interrogate it for answers. I obtained my old flash drive to print out the quotes and diagrams about the fine structure constant. I wanted to visually connect everything somehow, and it helps to empty a mind on paper to make room for analysis.

A general notion was that 137 is related to human life and how /why we exist in the natural world (fine structure constant, also the fundamental physics equations) as well as plants and nature (phi ratio). With that idea, I was on the right track. I knew this because of the following discovery, confirming this hypothesis. -

Hematin is a compound derived from hemoglobin - human blood. More specifically, it's a protein responsible for carrying oxygen through the blood. Without it, we would not have energy or grow or survive, of course. The plant equivalent of hematin would be chlorophyll - which is a pigment responsible for the absorption of light in the process of photosynthesis - something plants need to grow, and survive. They are similar in that nature. Hematin and chlorophyll. Both contain exactly 137 atoms.

I took a deep breath after this confirmation through several sources, digging deeper and deeper into unfamiliar territory, collecting screenshots, bookmarking websites, studying diagrams to my ability, and feeling a sense of awe accompanied with intense curiosity.

I started to think deeper about consciousness, life, and humans perceiving the world through their individual lenses. In other words, I started to wonder if 137 had significance outside of anthropomorphic paradigms. Possibly it was the other way around - we exist because of this number. My mind or research didn't surrender the answer. My psyche continually dances between both sides of the dilemma. What I did find was more expressions of 137 in human life. My questioning led me to the genetic code and DNA. Some preliminary info -

-The genetic code is the set of rules used by living cells to translate information encoded within genetic material (DNA or mRNA sequences) into proteins. The genetic code consists of 64 triplets of nucleotides. These triplets are called codons. There are 64 codons in DNA.

When we take this number 64 - and extrapolate it to the physical world in the smallest possible symmetrical configuration - we get a 4x4 cube. Think of a rubix cube. There are 64 total blocks. What we do now, is position it so we can see all 3 axis at once, with the intention of seeing as many blocks from one perspective as possible.

(side note - isnt it interesting how the chinese book of changes contains 64 hexagrams?

"The I Ching or Yi Jing also known as Classic of Changes or Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics. Possessing a history of more than two and a half millennia of commentary and interpretation, the I Ching is an influential text read throughout the world, providing inspiration to the worlds of religion, psychoanalysis, literature, and art")

Back to 64 .This is a physical encapsulation of that number. 64 blocks.

(remember that we are counting blocks, and not faces. For instance, the one closest to us is 1 block, even though it includes a red, blue, and yellow face.)

We get 37 in view as a maximum, (remember this number) - and 27 hidden from view.

37 divided by 27? = 1.37037037037037.......

The remaining number, 27, will make up a 3x3 cube interestingly enough.

These numbers themselves (27 and 37) will also yield fascinating results.

37 x pi squared = 365 (days in year.)

137 / 365 = .37

137 / 37 = 3.7027027...

37 squared / 137 squared (1369 / 18769) = .0729 -

^If we flip that order, 137 squared / 37 squared = 1.37

37 squared / 999 = 1.37037037

They have an intimate relationship with one another -

1 / 37 = .027027027...

1 / 27 = .037037037...

I don't know of any other pairs of numbers with such significance or that will manifest each other in different equations. Here's some more.

27 x 37 = 999.

9 x 9 x 9 = 729

9 + 9 + 9 = 27

27 x 27 = 729

999 / 729 = 1.37037037037...

37 / 137 = .2700729

Now we explore this.

Why is 729 important?

The fine structure constant, again, is the inverse of 137. So 1 divided by 137 = .00729. - In other words, 1/729 = .00137. This is what all the physicists are talking about in the quotes above. The fine structure constant, otherwise known as alpha.

As always- it gets deeper.

27 / 37 = .729729729...

999 / 137 = 7.29

99,999,999 / 137 = 729,927 (a palindrome)

(729 / 927) squared = phi (.618)

37 is the first of only two trifigurate numbers. A trifigurate number is a number that can be represented by a regular geometrical arrangement of equally spaced points. For example, see these shapes here. The only other number that can do this is 91. (They both add up to 10 [3+7, or 9+1]) ...

Some tangential information I found interesting -

37 x 3 = 111 1+1+1 = 3 (what we multiplied 37 by)

37 x 6 = 222 2+2+2 = 6... (this goes all the way)

37 x 9 = 333

37 x 12 = 444

37 x 15 = 555

37 x 18 = 666

37 x 21 = 777

37 x 24 = 888

37 x 27 = 999

Is 37 or 137 behind other synchronicities for people who see repeating numbers like these? Can other numerical synchronicities or patterns trace back to 137? It's an interesting line of thought and/ or exploration.

Quick side note - 999 is my favorite of all the three repeating digit numbers for multiple reasons -

999 / 729 (27 squared) =1.37037037

1369 (37 squared) / 999 = 1.37037037

999 squared = 998001 - and 1 / 998001 gives us all 3 digit numbers. (1/998001 =.000001002003004005006007008009....... repeating forever

Following this sequence of 3 digit repeating numbers, I observed more- sure enough these numbers like 37, 27, or 137 or a mix of all, manifest in 3 digit repeating, 5 digit repeating, and 8 digit repeating ( all fibonacci numbers)

The factor for 5 digit numbers is 271

11,111 / 41 = 271

22,222 / 82 = 271

33,333 / 123 = 271

44,444 / 164 = 271

55,555 / 205 = 271

66,666 / 246 = 271

77,777 / 287 = 271

88,888 / 328 = 271

99,999 / 369 = 271

271 / 27 = 10.037037037...

137 is the highest prime factor of any 8 digit repeating number. In other words, 11,111,111 to 99,999,999 are commonly divisible by 137 and no other higher number.

11,111,111 / 81,103 = 137

22,222,222 / 162,206 = 137

33,333,333 / 243,309 = 137

44,444,444 / 324,412 = 137

55,555,555 / 405,515 = 137

66,666,666 / 486,618 = 137

77,777,777 / 567,721 = 137

88,888,888 / 648,824 = 137

99,999,999 / 729,927 = 137

Mabkhout (1993) showed that every number x^4 + 1, for x > 3, has a prime factor greater than or equal to 137.

1, 3 and 7, and combinations of each seem to be behind the fabric of our reality. These seemingly random numbers (statistically speaking the most random number is 17 if you poll a large group of people and ask) end up relating to each other in oddly fitting ways.

Some examples of connections -

137 is the 33rd prime,

there's 137 primes up to 777

3 x 7 x 37 = 777

73 is the 21st prime, 7x3 is 21; mirror those - 37 is the 12th prime, etc.

137 is also special in the world of prime numbers, for it is what's known as a primeval number - ( ) and the only one of the sort that contains the same number of primes with combinations of 1, 3 and 7 (for example, 3, 7, 13, 17, 37, 71, etc etc [finding all combinations of primes]) as the sum of it's digits. It has 11 primes in the combos of these numbers, and 1+3+7 is 11. No other prime does this. 137 is also the smallest prime that remains prime when any one of its digits is removed.

Some supplementary math about the dimensions and relationship of the earth and the moon and these numbers.

If the earth diameter is 7 , half of the circumference will be 11.

If the earth radius is 7, one quarter of the circumference will be 11.

If the earth diameter is 11, the moon diameter will be 3.

If we fit a triangle between the earth and moon (shown below) - the height of triangle will be 7, and bottom base width will be 11.

Now some fun with numbers -

3 x 1x2x3x4x5x6 = the moon diameter in miles.

3 x 8x9x10 = the moon diameter in miles.

11 x 1x2x3x4x5x6 = the earth diameter in miles.

11 x 8x9x10 = the earth diameter in miles.

The moon plus the earth radius in miles = 1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9x10.

The area of the circle we draw around the square passing through the center of the moon -

11 x 2x1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9x10

While on the topic of the cosmos - the speed of the rotation at the equator of the earth? 1037mph. Mercury's helical velocity =137.27mps

To coalesce the 3 and 7 with phi and fibonacci even deeper;

Every 37th number of the fibonacci sequence is divisible by 73.

Now we observe phi, which is an infinite number that fibonacci ratio continually approaches forever. Write out 99 digits of phi (below)

1.6180339887498948482045868343656381177203091798057 62862135448622705260462818902449707207204189391137

Right at the end , the 97, 98, and 99th digits are 137. Why is that important? We need to explore a bit deeper - add all of the digits before the appearance of this number together, we get 441.

Now reintroducing the 3 and 7.

3 x 7 = 21.

21 squared = 441.

not only that, but also;

1 x 3 x 7 x 1 x 3 x 7 = 441......

Deeper research led me to the realm of time. If we take one minute times phi -

60 x Φ = 97. what's 97 ? 1 minute 37 seconds. 137.

Further, recent scientific study has concluded that the age of our universe is 13.7 billion years old. According to Brian Green, a professor of physics and mathematics, the universal expansion rate at the point of the big bang was doubling in size every 10 to the 37th (exponent) x 1 second.

At this point it was hard to get me surprised anymore. I was diving deeper into the realms of reality and the human experience. It isn't until I discovered relationships to my own life that I had deep emotional reactions again.

As mentioned before, I have a great fascination with numbers and geometry - so naturally when i saw this below image, (originally from a GIF file here - I was drawn to it. It depicts the proportions of the planetary orbits, with a square, inside a pentagon, inside a hexagon, inside a triangle, inside another square. I was so interested in this diagram that I actually built a bookshelf out of it (below).

An interesting phenemonon is when we take those shapes and represent them in number of sides ; square 4

pentagon 5

hexagon 6

triangle 3

square 4

line them up to get 45634. I played around with this number, divided it by 333 to get 137. This is profound, because 3x3x3 is 27 - which we saw earlier has several other connections with 729 and 37 / 137.

Another side topic (worth investigation on its own) - a great majority of the sacred sites on earth are located along a BELT IN A LINE. This has staggering and mind blowing implications to explore- but like i said i'll stay on track.

Now we take a few of them, notably the most significant and mysterious (the pyramids and easter island) - their distance is 10,000 x Φ. This means the angle below between Giza and Easter Island is?

137 degrees. More; The distance between Angkor vat and Giza times Φ equals the distance between Giza and Nazca. Distance between Giza and Nazca times Φ equals Nazca to Angkor Vat.

While on topic of the golden angle (137 degrees) -

Every 37th minute of the hour will make a 137 degree angle with the 12. No other time does this (the two digits evident in the angle)

Further cosmological implications -

What was known as a "great year" in ancient cultures such as the Mayan civilization (that's what their 2012 calendar was all about, tracking a 25,920 year cycle) pictured here.

This is a lengthy and dense topic to talk about, especially the math and measurements and astronomical alignments, but i'll stick to 137. A great year is dictated by the ovals at the top and bottom of this picture, titled "processional cycle". The earth is on a tilt, and it takes 25,920 years to complete this. Each astrological age is 2160 years, which "coincidentally" (no such thing) is the radius of the moon in miles. There are also significant numbers, such as 72 - which is how many years it takes for 1 degree of rotation in this processional cycle. (72 x 360 = 25,920. What i did was multiply 25,920 by numbers until i found a 137. It's at 53. 25,920 x 53 = 1373760. Further, 53 x 1.37037037037 = 72.

I then played around with numbers and found that 53 / 37 = 1.432432432... repeating.

432, brings us here.

137 and pi.

Square the first 7 digits of pi and add to get 137.

3²+1²+4²+1²+5²+9²+2² = 137

If the Circumference of a Circle is Pi, the Diameter would be 1. Therefore, interestingly, if the Circumference is 432, 137.5 would be the Diameter.

In other words, (the golden angle [360 x 1/Φ] ) = 137.5 x π = 432.

Why those numbers? I can make another post on exploration of that alone, but I'll keep it short:

432 hz is an important vibrational frequency tuning in music and resonance.

432,000 miles = radius of the sun

43,200 = seconds in 12 hours.

43200 x height of great pyramid in meters = polar radius of earth in km.

432 squared is 186,624. The Speed of Light in Miles per Second

432 = 2 to the 4th times 3 to the 3rd. (16 x 27) (taking that deeper - 16 / 432 = .037037037...)

4π³ + π² + π = 137 (4pi to the 3rd plus pi to the 2nd plus pi)

432 goes extremely deep with pi. This chart below (a little confusing to read at first) is relatively simple.

We're only looking at the second column with 432 on top. Right below that is the # of digits we're working with (1000.) Down the right side of the column are the individual digits, 1-9 and 0. The numbers on the left (116, 103, 102, etc) are the number of times we see the digit. so in 1000 digits of pi, the number 1 appears 116 times. What is highlighted in the columns, are the frequencies above 100 sightings, anything above 10% frequency. We then multiply those numbers together (1x2x3x8x9) and we get 432.

Coincidence? Keep in mind that the other numbers (1728, 2160, 630, 1080) are all extremely significant as well. Just to give you a glimpse how deep this rabbit hole goes - 1080--

10800000 long feet = equitorial diameter of moon

108000000 km = distance of venus to the sun

108000 km = polar diameter of saturn

10800 days = saturn orbit of the sun

1080 x solar diameter = distance of sun to saturn

108000 km/h= orbital speed of earth

10800 nautical miles = maximum visible equitorial circumference of earth

1080 miles = radius of the moon

108 x diameter of earth = diameter of the sun

108 x diameter of sun = distance from sun to earth

108 x diameter of moon = distance from moon to earth

108000 average heartbeats in 1 day

cos(108) = 1/2 Φ

2sin(108/2) = Φ

... & more, but I want to stay on topic.

More connections between 137 and pi.

(π7)/(π^7) = 137 also, if we reverse order, (π^7)/(π7) = 1/137.

What's interesting is during research, I found that in the book of Exodus, when god reveals his name, it is YHWH. the way to write this in Hebrew looks suspiciously like this equation above, pi 7 / pi to the 7th.

God said to Moses, ‘I AM WHO I AM. (YHWH) This shall be My name forever, this My appellation for all eternity.

A triangle with base 137 and height π has the hypotenuse 137.0360157, which is very close to the measured inverse of the fine structure constant. (alpha)

α (alpha) ≈ 4π³ + π² + π =137

Something supplementary I found fascinating in research was that 3 of the most important irrational numbers that are fundamental to reality itself, E - the elementary charge of the electron , pi - dealing with circumferences and orbits of electrons / particles / gravity / alpha / anything spinning (which is everything) and phi - which is the number that is expressed in all life, organizational systems, the solar system, planetary orbits, galaxies, the quantifiable goal of organic growth - all match at a certain digit / sequencing. After 262 digits of each number, add all the numbers before that digit and you will arrive at 1192.

sum of 262 digits of e =1192

sum of 262 digits of π =1192

sum of 262 digits of Φ =1192

1192 x 3 = 3576.

3576 / 25920 ( a very significant number, the procession of the equinox pictured above) = .137

262 has connections as well (of course)

360 degrees / 262 = 1.37

262 / 360 = .72 (It takes 72 years for 1 degree rotation in the procession of the equinox.)

9864 ( years it takes for 137 degree rotation in procession) / 262 = 37

So here I was, after years and years of diving into research, with more and more connections to the natural world and the realty we live in, which was exponentially increasing.

To recap everything - I found 137 in

-The fine structure constant

-Niel Bohr's hydrogen atom model

-The periodic table elemental limit

-Relationship to other dimensionless constants

-Relationship to the speed of light

-Electrons and the torus model

-Multiple relationships to the earth and the moon

-Atoms in hematin and clorophyll

-Botany, and phyllotaxis

-Multiple relationships to the golden ratio

-1m 37s = 1 minute times phi

-64 codons in dna and 37/27

-Multiple relationships to pi

-37th minute every hour on clock

-Age of the universe 13.7 billion years

-97-99th digits of phi

-Earth's rotational speed (1037 mph)

-Mercury helical velocity (137.27mps)

-All triple digit repeats (111-999)

-Trifigurate numbers

-All 8 digit repeating numbers

-The only primeval number whose prime combos equal sum

-The speed of light and photon mass

-The number 432

-Wolfgang Pauli and The Kaballah / Torah

-The Herew name for god

-Giza and Easter Island connection angle

-The electron and the torus shape

-The principle of this universe "fine tuned for life" / alpha

(The most significant connections coming next)

As well as seeing this number in my life and taking pictures of it hundreds and hundreds of times.

Apophenia? Pareidolia? Nonsense. Numbers don't lie. These expressions are not anthropomorphic or fabricated by my mind. This is objective, quantifiable data and reality.

This was all fascinating, and most recently I came across some discoveries that shook my world, and gave me a deeper personal intrinsic relationship with the number ( If all the above wasn't enough). As mentioned before, I don't know your spiritual or metaphysical beliefs, but something made sure I came into contact with this number in my life.

These discoveries are as follows.

If it wasn't already deep, here's where it gets weird.

1+3+7 = 11. I was born on the 11th day of august.

11 / 8 =1.375

August 11 is the 223rd day of the year.

223 / 137 = Φ.

223 x 1/Φ (.618) - 137

An interesting link between these numbers as well- 223rd day (August 11th), 137th day- (May 17th)

5th and 8th month (both fibonacci numbers)

8 / 5 ≃ Φ

5 (may) x 17 (date) = 85 .

85 x Φ = 137.

These days are 279 days away from each other, 280 on a leap year. The average gestation period for a human is 280 days. Long story short - if I conceived a child on my birthday, the due date would be 137th day of the next year. (May 17th)

280 x 1/Φ = 173.

85 (5 [may] x 17[date]) + 88 (8 [august] x 11 [day]) = 173

Other eerie synchronicities with my birthday -

8 (month) /11(birth date) = .7272727272

72 / 729 (which was 1/137) = .098765432098765432098765432 .. counting down & repeating forever..

The procession of the equinox takes 25920 years to complete a 360 degree spin.

1 degree is completed every 72 years. For 137 degrees of rotation, it would take 9864 years. (137 x 72).

9864 / 27 = 365.

1 / 9864 = .00010137

72 / 9864 = .00729

72 squared (5184) / 137 squared (18769) = .27

137 squared / 72 squared = 3Φ to .002 %

72 squared / 137 = 37

72 / 25920 = .0027

137 squared / 25920 (procession of equinox) = .72

25920 / 9864 (137x72) = 2Φ to .002%

1 / 72.7 = .0137

72 squared (5184) is exactly 1 fifth of equinox (25920)

5184 / 137 = 37

37 / 5184 = .007137

Also in deep research with fibonacci - I found that there is a fibonacci number which is the 299th in sequence that starts with the number 137. / (13734708577163115432025771710279131845700275212767467264610)

Divide 299 by 37 to get 8, my birth month

Divide 299 by 27 to get 11, my birth day

11,111,111 divided by 81103 (look at this as 8/11/03) = 137.

On 8/11/03, is the day I turned 11.

1+3+7 = 11

I was born 829 minutes into the day. divide that by 729, which is the reverse reciprocal of 137, and we get 1.1371


223 (my birthday) x Φ= 360

223 + 137 = 360

It all comes full circle. (360)

Determinism? Solipsism? Fatalism? Not sure. All I can & will do is keep making connections.

Here I stand, a decade later after deep experiences with this number, to the point of 137 & phi incorporated into tattoos, and, naturally, I wear a watch that I keep on 1:37. I'll keep digging and hopefully you've enjoyed the read thus far.

By now, you will understand my obsession with these numbers, math and geometry in general, the natural world, and finding connections between everything. This is what I do with my free time. This is why I spend so much time in solitude. This is why I take my life so seriously. This number has something to do with my life's purpose here on this planet. This is why I am so focused and disciplined. The universe has sent me over a thousand reminders to stay on track and keep digging. One more final expression of the number is in the "name" I had given my future self when I turned my life around in 2011. From the first paragraph of this read if you remember, that name is xeno- I simply had an affinity or attraction to the way it sounded and chose that. Ironically enough, the definition is pertinent to the context - xeno meaning from a different source or foreign. Both my "ideal self" and 137 "came to me" from exogenous sources, I'm convinced. To coalesce these - here's a tattoo I have on my hand reading 'xeno' ;

It didn't take much creative imagination to find 137 in the word "xeno" either;

From some of the greatest minds that ever inhabited this planet ;

"Develop the senses. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else." - DaVinci.

"Synchronicitiy is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see it." - Carl Jung

Recently, I found a beautifully written passage in a novel called House of Leaves that I feel is appropriate to place here. -

"Riddles; they either delight or torment. Their delight lies in solutions. Answers provide bright moments of comprehension perfectly suited for children who still inhabit a world where solutions are readily available. Implicit in the riddle's form is a promise that the rest of the world resolves just as easily. and so riddles comfort the child's mind which spins wildly before the onslaught of so much information and so many subsequent questions. ////

The adult world, however, produces riddles of a different variety. They do not have answers and are often called enigmas or paradoxes. Still the old hint of the riddle's form corrupts these questions by re-echoing the most fundamental lesson: There must be an answer. from there comes torment. "

I'm not religious & don't subscribe to the accuracy or veracity of the bible - but this is a fitting entry to close with (As the passage contains my name, Jon, & this number.)

John 13:7

(Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”)


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