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system for self-analysis


Proven method to increase productivity and goal attainment

(via American Psychological Association)

"...increasing progress monitoring engenders a meaningful improvement in rates of behavioral performance and goal attainment. Our conclusion is that progress monitoring has a robust effect on goal attainment and constitutes a key component of effective self-regulation..."

Included below are various visualizations of data that I have extracted from my life, using this exact system, since March 16, 2015.

What you'll receive:

-Foundation PDF, for comprehensive design of your life and establishing an ideal to justify the means.

-Daily schedule PDF for accountability and awareness of your journey.

-Weekly reflection PDF for accumulation and at-a-glance summaries of the dominant patterns and key insights of your behavior.

-Comprehensive belief analysis system PDF to actually change your life by getting to the root cause; subconscious paradigms (beliefs).

-Self-assurance, confidence, a rewarding trajectory in life, accountability, accomplishment and pride. 

quantified self.png

What I learned from tracking 2500+ days:

What others are saying;

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