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Since everybody took a survey but me, here are my results!

I am self-employed, trying to make a living doing what I love - learning and sharing.

I am most interested in improving my intelligence and communication.

The biggest obstacle to attaining my goals is me being stubborn and trying to do everything alone, or trying to do everything at once.

My biggest frustration in the world is the tragedy that people can drift downhill into circumstances they don't like, only as a result of them not knowing any better. Ignorance isn't bliss - it is dismal.

I spend my free time reading, researching, exercising, or playing drums / piano.

My favorite quote would be anything Nietzsche said. lol. But seriously - I'd have to narrow it down to

"Deeper down into pain than I ever ascended, even into its darkest flood! So willeth my fate. Well! I am ready. Whence come the highest mountains? so did I once ask. Then did I learn that they come out of the sea. That testimony is inscribed on their stones, and on the walls of their summits. Out of the deepest must the highest come to its height." - Thus Spoke Zarathustra (insert fire emoji here)