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provides young men with tools to address depression or suicide and 

live an empowered life to be proud of. 

turn tragedy into triumph. 

Working Together;


Schedule a free consultation with us. 


After talking, allow us to design a personal plan for your goals / needs. 


We implement this plan together via 1 on 1 weekly discussion.

we believe

Mental health and strength shouldn't be an impossible goal obtained by a select few. Our psychological state sets the bar for experiences in all areas of life (career, relationships, social life, passions) and should be prioritized as such. 

The leading cause of preventable death in men 18-35 is suicide - and this tragic statistic seems to be increasing. 

Too often, young men are discouraged by society - embarrassed or ashamed to seek help in times of crisis. As if our "manhood" is diminished by revealing negative emotions and stress. 

Additionally, traditional approaches to depression or suicide prevention  may fall into the mistake of numbing the symptoms, not addressing the core issues, leading to further frustration and confusion. 

Men deserve more. 

You deserve to experience a life free of worry, overwhelm, confusion. You deserve to live life as the best possible version of your strongest self. You deserve answers for your questions. 

Like many young men today, I have struggled my way through social anxiety, loneliness, confusion, depression, psychiatric institutions, well-intentioned but ineffective"professional" help,  self-doubt, and many other obstacles. Nobody should have to experience the bone-chilling hollowness of depression by themselves. Nobody should be isolated and misunderstood, unwilling to see what tomorrow brings. 

After dwelling in nihilism, dealing with medication and a mental health hospital, I miraculously was able to reject all that wasn't serving me, and put my own life together. 

Immediately after healing -I promised myself, as my purpose, I would develop a framework for surmounting the same obstacles I was able to conquer. 

After years of study, introspection, research, reading, reflecting - I concluded with a practical, effective"alchemical" process for mental health. 

Results of our process:

Jon Lindinger, founder of xenotheory. 



system for self-analysis


Proven method to increase productivity and goal attainment

(via American Psychological Association)

System for Self-Analysis

System for Self-Analysis


What you'll receive:

-Foundation PDF, comprehensive design of your life. 

-Daily schedule document & PDF

-Weekly reflection PDF

-Comprehensive belief analysis system PDF

-Self-assurance, confidence, a rewarding trajectory in life

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