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helps men heal from heartbreak, build confidence, find themselves & have a healthy transformation / rebirth in 60 days. 



isolated, feeling abandoned by society, left out, unheard, feeling unloved, desperately single, uncomfortable because you may not trust yourself and your thoughts when you're alone, experiencing the hollowness in your bones from depression, suddenly find yourself spacing out when hanging with friends realizing your loneliness and the weight of your emotions pulling you down, unsure of your future and willingness to wake up another day, tired of being a background character in the world, unable to find motivation to do anything other than sleep, ashamed of the person you are becoming, believe you're unworthy of happiness and love, only able to hold on to life through distractions and immediate pleasures, exhausted and unable to expend any effort to even express yourself and feel too empty to even cry anymore; 



confidence and pride in the type of person you are, fulfillment and meaning in daily life, compassionate, meaningful and authentic relationships with others, certainty in where you're headed in life, connections where you are understood and heard, strength and faith in yourself that you can handle the obstacles in front of you, discipline and motivation that you can depend on consistently, a positive loving relationship with yourself, a sense of solid purpose in what you do with your life and resources, authentic happiness that you can enjoy guilt-free, attracting the quality people that you need in your life;

here are the tools to get there.

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Frequently asked questions;

What's working with you look like?

-You first fill out an application that helps you explore what you are dealing with. From the response to that, I determine whether or not it aligns with my personal expertise and life experience & if I'm able to help. 

If so, we work together through a guided, self-paced online course that is coupled with weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls tailored to help you solve your specific problems. 

Additionally, 24/7 email and text assistance is always available. 

How do I know if anything will work?

-It's part of my philosophy in coaching that any piece of advice or suggestion I provide is derived from first-hand real world experience. I will never tell you to do anything I haven't done myself. 

For this reason, I am selective with who I work with, in other words you have to have a similar life path as me in the past, because I can therefore have 100% confidence in the effectiveness of my process. I can show you exactly what I've done and exactly what works. 

My philosophy and tools I've organized took me from major depressive disorder, social anxiety, desperate loneliness, multiple suicide attempts, and being the "nice guy" weirdo to women- to a life of strength, confidence, pride, meaning, direction, love, authentic connection, a great social circle and a fulfilling dating life exactly the way I want it. 

How much is it?

-Due to the individual nature of the coaching programs, no 2 options are the same investment amount. As of now, I haven't turned anyone down as a result of finances; I am flexible with investment and payment plans that work with you. 

Results of our process:


Jon Lindinger, founder of xenotheory. 


Anchor 1


Interview I had done with a friend that documents a bit of my journey and frames my habit of self tracking (system for self-analysis below) and it's influence on my transformation.

Analysis of my own life and the journey of other young people who have grown through psychological obstacles led me to arrive at these 3 ideas that keep most people stuck.

Summary of what I have learned from tracking 2500+ consecutive days of my life on paper. Visualized metrics and insights are included below in section "system for self-analysis"

system for self-analysis


Proven method to increase productivity and goal attainment

(via American Psychological Association)

"...increasing progress monitoring engenders a meaningful improvement in rates of behavioral performance and goal attainment. Our conclusion is that progress monitoring has a robust effect on goal attainment and constitutes a key component of effective self-regulation..."

What you'll receive:

-Foundation PDF, for comprehensive design of your life and establishing an ideal to justify the means.

-Daily schedule document & PDF for accountability and awareness of your journey.

-Weekly reflection PDF for accumulation and at-a-glance summaries of the dominant patterns and key insights of your behavior.

-Comprehensive belief analysis system PDF to actually change your life by getting to the root cause; subconscious paradigms (beliefs).

-Self-assurance, confidence, a rewarding trajectory in life, accountability, accomplishment and pride. 

Included below are various visualizations of data that I have extracted from my life, using this exact system, since March 16, 2015.

quantified self.png

What others are saying;

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