January 10, 2017



I present to you the launch of a brand, a site, an epicenter for improving growth and performance of mankind, at the individual and cohesive level. XENOTHEORY is a concept, xeno meaning foreign or different.


I have never met another being who did not wish for more - happiness, health, prosperity, material luxuries, peace of mind, friendship, social connections, memories, experiences, travel stories, life. As Maslow stated, at any moment, we can choose to step forward into growth or back into safety. 


Comfort and safety are the enemies of growth and achievement.


We need to understand to excel in life, we are fighting against our very anthropology and genetics as humans. We naturally seek comfort, security, to ensure the survival of the individual and the perpetuation of genetic information. We no longer inhabit caves with physical predators waiting for us to close both eyes, yet we share many intrinsic attributes and behavioral traits. 


Operating on the premise that growth is the purpose of life (more on this later), we need change in our lives. Positive and constructive change, specifically. Intelligently adapting to change calls for awareness, which requires understanding, which stems from knowledge, & finally information. Here is where you will find that.


I have established this with YOU in mind, your growth, your success, your catalyzation to flourish into a more developed, intelligent, healthy, opulent you. 

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January 10, 2017

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