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my approach

 My approach to transformation is to serve as an educator and example, rather than a "teacher" -and to give you the same effective tools I've used- to pry apart aspects of yourself to explore. 

I have found association with the terms, "educator" and "example." 

The first because of the etymology of the word education in itself. "Educo" means to develop from within, to draw out. I believe this is the discrepancy of a teacher and educator - the first methodology relies on the expertise and proficiency of the teacher, an exogenous source. 

The second methodology, an educator, will provide the necessary stimulus and environments conducive to the unfolding and expression of the wisdom, profundity, competence of the individual. I believe this option is more sustainable to create permanent change and independence in the individual. 

I associate with the word "example" for simple reasons. 

"How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live" - Thoreau

"I care for a philosopher to the extent he is an example." - Nietzsche

"Of all that is written, I only love what a man has written in blood." - Nietzsche



In my own journey of development and creating a fulfilling, empowered life, I began to adopt a lens through which I filter information through. The fact is that we are in the age of information, and can find thousands of different opinions on how to fix a certain problem. Most of these are unsubstantiated, projection, or attempts to validate the contributors ego. As a way to silence the noise, I began verifying the accuracy of advice, statements, opinions by asking myself, "Do I want what this person has? (In the realm of where I was seeking advice.) Does this person understand my questions? Have they lived through - not read, not studied, but first hand experience - lived through my similar circumstances?"

This filtering lens was most notably used in my mental health journey, with "professionals" who were well-intentioned and nothing but kind - didn't have the adequate empirical life experience in my opinion to lead me forward in my life. The advice felt hollow, transient, as if they were a mouthpiece for ideas rather than a living host of them. 

It was after pulling myself together with the aid of principles (more on that here) that I began to coalesce theory with practice, and finally practice with insight that has been applied, tested in the realm of reality, improved and refined. 

After I felt I sufficiently pulled myself together to overcome major depressive disorder, social anxiety, nihilism and self-denial, I made it my moral obligation and promise to myself I would serve as an example to young men who find themselves in similar predicaments as my former self. 

I view my practice and methods as equipping people with tools to address their circumstances and surpass them. I can provide you with the knowledge, experience, examples and framing of your life and yet is ultimately you that must swing the hammer and hold the chisel against the material of your life and self. 

It is not me on one side and the client / student on the other. We are both in unison on the same side, against the problems and obstacles. 

I have not "arrived" anywhere - I am eternally an incomplete work in progress - every area of my life is a prototype, to be improved at any moment. 


I aim to equip you with the tools and ideas that will become the guide in your hero's journey, as one who has traversed similar circumstances and is here to provide you with the resources to move forward with faith and strength.



"Alchemy" is the encapsulation of transmuting suffering into strength, misery to mastery, tragedy into triumph. 

This is a comprehensive one on one program specifically curated with everything I have ever gathered, experienced, observed and learned - passionately combined to help the student of life craft meaning, strength, and fulfillment out of ashes.


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