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 My approach to transformation is to serve as an example / model, rather than a "teacher" -and to give you the same effective tools I've used- to pry apart aspects of yourself to explore. 

I have not "arrived" anywhere - I am eternally an incomplete work in progress - every area of my life is a prototype, to be improved at any moment. 


I aim to represent the guide in your hero's journey, one who has traversed similar circumstances and is here to provide you with the resources to move forward with faith and strength.

We all must continually condition ourselves to orient our life in a desirable direction;

"A man is not rightly conditioned until he is happy, healthy, and a prosperous being -
...which is the result of a harmonious adjustment of the inner with the outer." -James Allen



"Alchemy" is the encapsulation of transmuting suffering into strength, misery to mastery, tragedy into triumph. 

This is a comprehensive course specifically curated with everything I have ever gathered, experienced, observed and learned - passionately combined to help the student of life craft meaning and fulfillment.




-Comprehensive video analysis of a particular subject, book, topic with curated themes pulled from the source.

'Extraction essays' began to shape the lens through which I viewed information from the day I started my library. My first few dozen books were all in the realm of personal development / self help, therefore mostly non-fiction & typically contained "action steps" as summaries to the chapters.

Through years of reading and exposing myself to this realm, I unconsciously conditioned myself to summarize and apply ideas that I came across. As my interests expanded to philosophy, psychology, and the classics in literature, my framework and perspective strengthened itself through exercising different viewpoints & data sets. 

As years passed, I was fortunate enough to participate in book clubs & other groups centered on intellectual discourse & exploration. Through this network of friends, I began to share some of the principles I have extracted. With time, I was extended an invitation to present ideas of my own & frequently participate in discussion. 

After dozens of interactions and events, experimenting with my approach and incorporating feedback, I settled on a style of presentation I found satiates my standards of efficiency well;

Extraction essays follow the structure -

Investigation - Exploration into the text, video, topic, or idea. Brief summary, places the topic on display, provides context.

Implication - Provides a reason or common theme exemplified by the work / author. Answers the questions, "why does this matter? What makes this book / idea important?"

Application - Recapitulate the main points, with emphasis on what we can definitively do in our lives to ensure this idea doesn't stay as words on paper. To materialize and implement the lesson.

I hope you find value in these ideas, and can begin to apply these concepts for self-improvement. I hope you can become more of who you are. The world needs more of you. You need more of you.

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down the

rabbit hole

-Detailed videos every month, which thoroughly dissect the greatest ideas of all time - and how to use them

'Down the Rabbit Hole' is a symbolic lens through which we can choose to view the world. It is a lifestyle of taking nothing at face value, and diving deeper into the implications of what we see, hear, learn, and know. 

When faced with any idea or information, we can choose to view this through 1 of 2 ways
We can look at an idea as a wall, or a window. -

A simple metaphor when reading -

If you view a page in a book as a wall, you find words, sentences, paragraphs - units of grammar. You find information. You become informed. You understand what is the case. You exercise the faculty of memory and learn how to memorize / repeat. Inquiry is stopped. Intelligence is not the ability to remember and repeat. If we only remember the idea but can't rephrase in our words, we can't imply that idea, and it becomes useless. 

"School children are taught not to develop and use their own minds, but to adopt and use the thoughts of others. This sort of schooling destroys the capacity for independent thought." - Napoleon Hill

​If you view a page in a book as a window, you  find arguments, propositions, ideas - units of thought and knowledge. You find understanding. You become enlightened. You understand what, as well as why, how, and when is the case. You exercise all faculties of my mind and learn how to improve thinking. Inquiry is invited. To be educated is to intrinsically understand and transform ideas in our own words. The very root of the word is "educo" which means to draw out, to develop from within. 

"Don't let schooling interfere with your education" - Mark Twain.

'Down the Rabbit Hole' is a deep investigation into the reality in front of us. It is a transmutation from words on a page, or an image on a screen, to the ethereal realm of thought.


All of these ideas have significant potential to change the outcome of your life, if understood and applied.  I would be nowhere without them.

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